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TIGRON is locally set via the display and the Combi-Switch, no additional setting tools are required.

Unauthorised operation and setting changes are prevented by password protection.

The display indicates the device status in clear text with clear and straightforward symbols. TIGRON speaks more than 30 languages.

The display is backlit allowing good legibility even under unfavourable lighting conditions.

The display scheme is completed by five indication lights. Besides the standard display scheme, colours and blinking behaviour of the LEDs can be adapted to user specifications. Consequently, the device status is clearly visible even from a
larger distance.


The commissioning assistant – Pointing the way ahead right from scratch!

The commissioning assistant leads through the setting menu, showing all steps in the correct order – fast and safe for operators, valve and TIGRON.

Robust Combi-Switch or magnetic pen operation

Single hand operation possible even when wearing protective gloves as personal protective equipment – this is the asset of the new Combi-Switch. It is used to locally operate and perform settings at TIGRON.
Alternatively, a version is available in combination with a magnetic pen instead of the Combi-Switch to navigate through the menu.

Clear communication -> safe actions

What to do if I have to intervene? TIGRON clearly shows the current status to the user – the perfect basis to do the right thing.
  • Low standby consumption
  • Simple and low-maintenance power supply
  • High availability
  • Commissioning assistant
  • Signalling via display and output contacts in case of power failure
  • Separately mounted controls for installations in confined spaces
  • Simple installation
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Combi-Switch for robust operation
  • IECEx/ATEX certification, recognised in many countries
  • Further certifications under preparation
  • Low space requirements
  • Low weight and advantageous centre of gravity
  • Large performance range
  • Engineered & Made in Germany
  • Flameproof enclosure
  • Wide temperature range
  • Premium corrosion protection


Plug-in electrical connection
TIGRON’s electrical connection is a separate unit which can be completely removed from the actuator without requiring to
separate individual connections. A proven principle contributing to TIGRON’s service friendliness.
Many device-internal electrical connections are also ready to plug in.

The 90 degrees housing scheme
All of TIGRON’s housing elements can be arranged in four different positions, shifted by 90 degrees. This allows to optimise the local controls' position to the operator’s needs and to mount the electrical connection to suit the available
cable inlet.
Required tools: An Allen key and a Phillips head screwdriver. That’s all you need to optimise the housing orientation within minutes.

Distributed Control Systems

Communication standards

AUMA exclusively uses open data protocols, including PROFISAFE, which was especially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. TIGRON actuators are compatible in communication with other field devices.

TIGRON masters conventional data exchange without digitised signals.

Running OPEN
Running CLOSE
Position setpoint
Emergency operation command

End position OPEN
End position CLOSED
Valve position
Diagnostic data


Engineered & Made in Germany
Double layer powder coating of the individual housing parts prior to final assembly.
The power coating remains undamaged even when opening the housing.


Six gearbox type ranges are part of AUMA’s product portfolio.
They are ideally suited to complete and enhance TIGRON’s application range even to other valve designs.

This includes numerous butterfly valves or the conventional ball valves of the oil- and gas industry requiring a part-turn
movement of mostly 90 degrees.

In these cases, TIGRON is combined with AUMA part-turn gearboxes.

AUMA linear thrust units convert TIGRON’s multi-turn into a thrust movement which is required for globe valve automation.

Multi-turn movement
Multi-turn actuators for gate valves
Part-turn movement
Combinations for ball and butterfly valves
Linear movement
Combinations for globe valves

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