Your comprehensive asset management platform to collect and use all data available on your actuators – for maintenance, troubleshooting and active lifecycle management.

Deeper insights

Always keep your devices in focus with the AUMA Cloud – ensure long-term availability of your plant.

  • Efficient asset management
  • Overview on actuators and their availability
  • Valuable KPIs for diagnostics
  • Action plan for predictive maintenance
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Premium data protection
  • Web application – no installation required
Create transparency
  • Virtual representation of your plant structure
  • Knowledge on the state of your assets based on KPI analysis and action plan
Increase efficiency
  • Easy verification of operational data to derive optimised control parameters
Save resources
  • Simple processes in asset management, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Easy ordering of spare parts
Relieve your staff
  • Intuitive operation and direct access to all information even for beginners
  • Quick expert support due to direct contact to the AUMA Service
Maximise plant availability
  • Detect high loads in time, plan maintenance measures and avoid failures thanks to KPI analysis and action plan
  • Quick troubleshooting

Efficient asset management

Keep your plant in focus. Create a virtual representation of your plant containing all relevant data with just a few steps.

CORALINK Basic Account: Up to 100 devices
CORALINK Plus Account: Up to 10,000 devices

Hub for all information

The AUMA Cloud provides you with all device and operational data of your actuators, which you have uploaded via AUMA Assistant App or AUMA CDT at a glance. You may add photos and notes and access the device documentation.

Use KPIs for more transparency

Based on the comprehensive operational data of your AUMA actuators, the AUMA Cloud will calculate the uptime and further meaningful KPIs. They support you in planning commissioning actions or narrowing down the origin of faults.

Action plan for maintenance and troubleshooting

CORALINK Plus Account

With just a few clicks, you can create an action plan on the basis of the current operational data of your AUMA actuators. You will receive precise recommendations for action for predictive maintenance and for troubleshooting. The automated calculations incorporate the cumulative knowledge of the AUMA experts as well as decades of precious field experience.

Get competent support

Do you have questions or do you need more detailed diagnostics? Send a service request directly to our experienced AUMA Service experts. To speed up both diagnostics and remedy, we recommend attaching important data such as snapshot files or photos. You can track the current status of your request at any time.

Spare parts orders made fast and simple

You will directly find the suitable spare parts list for you. Simply select the required parts from the exploded view and send your request to the AUMA Service. We ensure speedy and reliable delivery.

Security is our priority

Proven Microsoft Azure infrastructure, data storage within the EU and comprehensive security mechanisms cater for utmost data security. You as the operator decide when and which data is uploaded to the AUMA Cloud. The data transfer is only one-way: from the actuator to the AUMA Cloud and not vice versa.

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CORALINK Basic Account

Free of charge

Scope of AUMA Cloud

  • All basic functions
  • Up to 100 devices
  • Up to 10 MB storage space
CORALINK Plus Account

50 euros/month

Scope of AUMA Cloud

  • All basic functions
  • Up to 10,000 devices
  • Up to 100 MB storage space
  • Microsoft Excel import for asset overview
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