Your powerful software for convenient setting, operation and analysis of AUMA actuators via Windows laptop.

Detailed analysis

The AUMA Commissioning and Diagnostic Tool (CDT) is the expert tool for our AUMA Service. It also provides you as the user with valuable functions:

  • Simple setting of device parameters
  • Control of actuators
  • Access to device documentation
  • Read and upload operational data and device data to the AUMA Cloud
  • Comprehensive analytic functions for maintenance and troubleshooting
Save resources
  • Convenient operation and setting via laptop saves both time and cost
  • Fast online access to device documentation
Increase transparency
  • Easy access to all status information of your actuators
  • Indication of status and diagnostic information in accordance with NAMUR
  • Reading diagnostic data and upload to the AUMA Cloud
Ensure availability
  • Analytic functions and characteristics charts help you in preventing wear

Convenient actuator control

Use the convenience of a large screen to control your actuators. Save your favourites, set the end positions and perform a test run.

Configure, analyse and compare parameters

For this, a large screen also pays off when setting and comparing parameters for several actuators, or representing more complex parameters such as speed profiles for SAV variable speed actuators in a clear and structured way.

Reading and uploading diagnostic data to the AUMA Cloud

Read the snapshot files with operational and device data from all desired actuators and upload them to the AUMA Cloud with just one click.

Assess characteristics

Rough ambient conditions might cause increased mechanical wear. A variety of different characteristics charts will help you in identifying high loads and preventive countermeasures.

Motor analysis

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The motor analysis shows an evaluation of essential motor data across a defined period. Indicators such as uptime, maximum number of starts per hour and running time are useful for troubleshooting and process optimisation.

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Scope of AUMA CDT 2020

  • All customer-specific functions
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Scope of AUMA CDT 2020

  • All customer-specific functions
  • Motor analysis
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